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Emergency Event and System Management

With an annual software subscription, Orisent system managers can self manage and maintain the system independently with real time device and system updates, event notifications and management, and editing functions.

Smartphone App

Opt into a software subscription to receive access to our smartphone app. Available on iOS and android, the app assists you to manage events and system tasks on site or remotely. Each subscription allows for up to 50 users, who are set up with a manager, worker, or custom profile.  Users are created and edited from the control panel or web-based user portal.
  1. receiving nurse call alerts
  2. accepting/declining to attend a nurse call event
  3. triggering an evacuation
  4. approving an evacuation
  5. ending an evacuation
  6. viewing evacuation alerts
  1. viewing device status (connectivity and battery level)
  2. naming devices (upon installation or relocation)
  3. disabling/enabling devices
  4. viewing app user details
  5. viewing event log

User Portal

Opting into a software subscription also gives you access to the web-based user portal.
This is the best place to set up managers or workers as app users, run reports, view your system's status, and manage integrations with 3rd party apps and products.
The portal allows you to monitor and manage systems on multiple sites, ensuring you know the status of each system and its devices and users in real time.

Integrations With Your Existing Tech

Our system integrates with project management software platforms such as HammerTech and Procore
Our system also integrates with Irongate Solutions and 3D Safety, unlocking site security gates and turnstiles during an evacuation emergency, facilitating a fast evacuation for workers.
Integrations are easily set up or requested via the User Portal. We can also set up integrations to any other third party software or hardware provided they have an API. To request something specific please liaise with our customer care team or sales department.

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